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How does the recruiter fit into the process....

Uppdaterat: 23 mars 2021

Being a job seeker in today’s market can confusing if you are not familiar with the way the hiring process works and waiting for a job offer can be stressful. When you are well-informed and prepared with what to expect after you have submitted an application to a recruiter, you will greatly eliminate any unneeded stress and wasted time.

The Application Process

First of all, if you apply to a position that is not a fit for your background or experience, do not expect a phone call from the recruiter.

With a large number of job openings in today’s job market, many recruiters are juggling 20 plus job orders at once with hundreds of applications rolling in each day. Good recruiters are interested in providing not only the best value to the top talent they can place but also to their clients. If your background is not a fit for the position applied to, you more than likely will not receive a call back from the recruiter. Don’t take it personally and understand that the recruiter has been retained by the client to find the best fit for the job.

On the other hand, if you ARE a perfect fit for the job, you SHOULD hear back from the recruiter quickly. If for some reason you do not hear back the next business day, try reaching the recruiter by phone or email directly. There is a good chance that your application was mistakenly lost among hundreds of other applications.

How the Recruiter fits into the Process

It’s important to understand that a recruiter is typically retained by a client in order to conduct initial interview screening, thereby vetting top talent for the job. Please, do not be one of those candidates who refuses to interview with the recruiter and demands to speak with the hiring manager first. This will get you nowhere and will shed a bad light on your communication and business skills.

A recruiter is a key person throughout the hiring process. If you have found a good recruiter, they will want to learn as much as possible about your experience and what you are looking for in the next opportunity. The reason for this is to ensure that the job is the right fit for you.

Your recruiter should know inside information about the hiring manager, company culture, and expectations. They will be able to guide you in the right direction throughout the interview process and provide valuable information to you along the way. Quite often, a recruiter can influence not only the speed of the interview process but also the outcome of an offer or final decision from the hiring manager. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the guidance and value that your recruiter can provide.

Sometimes the Process Stalls

Occasionally, the hiring process comes to a halt with little to no warning. It’s important not to take this personally and to understand that this can happen due to changes out of the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s control. Sometimes the hiring manager may be faced with an unexpected hiring freeze forced by corporate.

The important thing to remember is that when this happens, you should never burn bridges. Stay on good terms with your recruiter as well as the hiring manager. Should the opportunity open back up, you could be the top candidate for the job.

It Takes Time

The hiring process is never as fast as one would hope. There are often many interviews with what seems like long gaps of time in between. Never expect the hiring process to be quick and easy.

Applying and interviewing for a new job is a lot of work. It’s important for you to realize that you are not alone in the process and that communication is key. Always keep in contact with your recruiter and ensure a quick response time from your end when information is needed or requested.


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